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Dr Donald Kirkpatrick Was A University Professor And Former President Of The ASTD

Dr Donald Kirkpatrick was a University Professor and former president of the ASTD. He is known for creating the 4 levels of evaluation. His 4 levels of the evaluation was designed as a sequence to evaluate the training program so that organizations do not spend time and money on training that doesn't provide a worthwhile return.
1) Reaction- This level measures how the trainees reacted. Here the trainees evaluate :

  • The Trainer
  • Training Content
  • Presentation of the content
  • Venue

) Learning- Level 2 is learning. This level measures what the trainees have learned. The trainer would measure these parameters against the learning objectives.
3) Behaviour - Level 3 is behaviour. At this level, the trainer evaluates the trainees to figure out any behaviour shift as per the need of the job they are employed for. The trainer also is interested to know how trainees have applied the information they have learnt.
4)Results - Level 4 is results. At this level, the trainer analyzes the final results of the training by measuring the outcomes. The outcomes are measured against the criteria that the organisation has determined. Some of the criteria are:
a) Is it good for the business?
b) Is it good for the employees?
c) Is it good for the bottom line?
By analysing each of these 4 levels the trainer can gain a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of training. He will also be able to find out what areas need to be worked on for future training programmes.